Summer Camp

What is Summer Camp?

A weeklong day camp for any child or young adult ages 5 – 21. The camper must have a specific disability: cognitive disability, orthopedic impairment, visually impaired, hearing impaired, multiple disabilities or Autism.


The are two one week camps, one for campers from 5-10, and the other for children 11-21.


There is no cost to the family or child to attend the camp.  The camp cost are underwritten by a grant from the Julius W. Hegeler II Foundation.


Young adults age 11 – 21 are not eligible to attend if their primary disability is learning disabled.


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Danville Ambucs Summer Camp


July 25th – 28th, 2022
(Ages 5-10)

August 1st – 4th, 2022
(Ages 11-21)


Camp headquarters will be the Gao Grotto located on Denmark Road, Danville. Camp activities will take the campers many places throughout the Danville Area.


This camp is provided free of charge. A grant from the Julius W. Hegeler II Foundation in addition to proceeds from the AMBUCS Annual Home Show and the Annual Children with Disabilities Raffle held in October provide the funding for this camp.


Lunch and snacks will be provided daily. Please do not send food or drinks with your child, unless they require a special diet.


A nurse is provided to dispense medicine and to deal with minor healthcare needs. Any camper with extra-ordinary medical requirements must have those needs met by professional medical personnel other than the camp nurse. Those personnel will be provided at the expense of parents/guardians.


Transportation will be provided by bus. Pick-up and drop-off points will be located throughout Danville and surrounding areas.