Richard Woodard Challenger League Baseball

Each year, Danville AMBUCS host the Challenger League Baseball.  The games bring together many of our kids, who are matched up with Buddies who help them play Baseball. 


AMBUCS Challenger League’s regular season for 2022 is listed under the calendar

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The Richard Woodard Challenger League Baseball games are games in which everybody bats, everybody hits, everybody 'runs' the bases, and everybody scores!

The warm sun, the cheering crowds, the knowledge that “I played baseball and scored a run!”, puts smiles on the faces of these kids every time! Each runner gets a Buddy to help them play the field and run around the bases. There are snacks and drinks, guest announcers, and a DJ. Quite a party!


After the last game, everyone enjoys great baseball-style hot dogs cooked on the grill and awards are given to every player. We also provide a DVD montage of the games, and a booklet with player and team photos.


In the Fall, we also host an All-Stars Game! Players from Champaign join our players in one last game.

Challenger League Baseball

2022 Game Dates

All games are held at Winter Park in Danville, IL

Because You Are My Buddy

You might not be able to see or understand me at times, but know that I am so very happy you are there, just simply being my buddy today.


I may not move like other kids, may not smile, run, walk or play like them,
But make it known that your smile goes a long way, because you are my buddy today.


Although it might be only, one day you are there, you allow me to Enjoy things that I normally would not be able to do. Because of buddies like you.


When you help me hit the ball, like the regular kids do,
I feel so real, so normal, as you help me from first, then second, third Then home. I think again… Why do you do this… Because that is what buddies do.


You allow me this moment in time, to have fun, laugh, and play with others of my Peers. You allow me to feel, Act, see, and play this game you call baseball, Because that is what buddies do.


No matter how we get around the bases, walk, run, crawl or ride. A special memory is created, Because of buddies like you.


When we are in the field and you play catch with us, yet another memory Is being molded, and made permanent, Because that is what Buddies do.


It may not seem much to you, as you play catch with me, even for a moment or two, This gives me much joy, and happiness, As only a buddy can do.


So as the games wind down, we all return to our day to day life, let it be known to all, That my life is better because of buddies like you.


– Richard Woodard, June 2007