Danville Ambucs strive each and every day to be good stewards of our generous doners. We are a very busy club with projects and activities nearly every month. We are a club of hard working volunteers, who see the need of our activities, and projects. From the smiles our kids have when getting a present, being able to play Challenger Baseball like their peers, getting a new Tryke so that they can ride with their siblings, or friends. Shoulders Together - We Succeed!


Annual Events

These are events held every year for our Local Ambucs Recipients.

Summer Camp

A weeklong day camp for any child or young adult ages 5 - 21. The camper must have a specific disability: cognitive disability.

Richard Woodard Challenger League Baseball

Each summer during the warm Saturdays of June we host a series of baseball games at Winter Park. The Challenger League Baseball games are games in which everybody.

Christmas Party

Each child may bring a family member to the Breakfast with Santa complete with holiday songs, and activities, all in anticipation of the visit from Santa himself.


These are events are held every year for our Local Ambucs Recipients

First Citizen Banquet

Since 1932, the Danville Chapter of AMBUCS has presented a First Citizen's Award. During a banquet each year a member of the Danville Community is honored as Danville's First Citizen based on their volunteer service to the community.

Scholarship for Therapists

The Danville Chapter of AMBUCS annually awards more than $10,000 in scholarships to local scholars in addition to donating funds toward the nationwide effort.

Think of Me Keep It Free

AMBUCS members hope the reminders will have an impact on those able-bodied drivers who improperly park in handicap parking spaces. These signs can be mounted direclty below any handcap signs. To order a sign for your business for $10.00 please email
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Donations make all of our projects a reality. If you are interested in donating please contact our President

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Being a member of AMBUCS is a rewarding experience. We enjoy helping individuals with disabilties, especially children and we have fun while doing it!

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