Mission Statement

Inspiring people to conquer challenges related to mobility and independence, through a nationwide network of volunteer chapters, working in partnership with physical, occupational and speech therapists; by providing Amtryke adaptive trykes, scholarships for therapists and many forms of community service.


Board Members

Danville Ambucs strive each and every day to be good stewards of our generous doners. We are a very busy club with projects and activities nearly every month. We are a club of hard working volunteers, who see the need of our activities, and projects. From the smiles our kids have when getting a present, being able to play Challenger Baseball like their peers, getting a new Tryke so that they can ride with their siblings, or friends. Shoulders Together – We Succeed!
Jenna Wirth

Jenna Wirth




President Elect

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Thelma Grave


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Lisa Martin


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Patty Hutson

Sergeant @ Arms

Krista Cummings

Krista Cummings

Amtryke Chair

Natalya Bourn

Natalya Bourn

Director 2nd Year

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Ruth Pancoast

Director 2nd Year

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Diane Carlton

Director 1st Year

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Cindy Blacker

Director 1st Year