AMBUCS Playgrounds

The Danville Chapter of AMBUCS has a passion for providing opportunities for children of all abilities to actively play together and just enjoy being kids!

What started in 1998 as a dream to provide a truly accessible playground for children of all abilities developed into a passion that resulted in three separate locations that provide recreation opportunities for families. With the help of corporate gifts, grants and individual donations, and cooperation with the City of Danville, the Danville Chapter of AMBUCS has invested over half a million dollars in constructing and supporting these play areas.


Ambucs Playground at Winter Park Entrance

AMBUCS Playground for Everyone

Winter Park

From 1998-2008 we raised over $650,000 with even more in in-kind donations, and municipal support to build three play areas in existing city parks. The playgrounds are designed to be nearly 100% accessible – but more than that they are incredibly interactive!

Our first universally accessible playground was the AMBUCS Playground for Everyone which opened in July of 2001. It is located in Winter Park in the 900 block of East Winter Avenue.

In 2020 after conducting a successful community fundraising drive, a major facelift was completed on the AMBUCS Playground for Everyone, including adding a new deck and replacing all the play panels.  


Ramp 6-Deck

A ramped interconnected six-deck, 5-12 years of age, play structure accessible to all children including those with support devices. The structure includes four slides all with transfer stations, alternate pathways, climbers and activity panels. Cushioned pour-in-place surfacing allows for children in support devices easy access to the structure as does the six-foot-wide sidewalk surrounding the play area.


Single Deck

A dedicated single deck 3-5 years of age play structure for smaller children. This structure also has pour-in-place surfacing and is accessible by the six-foot-wide sidewalk.

Splash Pad Danville Il

Splash Pad

A mini zero-depth splash pad in operation during the summer months.

Ambucs Swing Set

Swing Set

Two swing set structures equipped with special use swings.

Boat Swing Danville Il

Boat Swing

A “boat swing” which can accommodate support devices such as wheelchairs and walkers.

Marry Go Round Ambucs Danville Il

Play Activities

Accessible independent play activities including play panels and sound play equipment throughout the playground.



Two covered pavilions, one with three restrooms (male, female and family with a changing bench large enough for an adult.)


Sprayground For Everyone

The Danville Municipal Swimming Pool at Garfield Park (1112 Industrial Dr.) is home to the AMBUCS Sprayground for Everyone. This zero-depth water-play area was designed with accessibility in mind.


It features a variety of ground sprays, water cannons, and overhead water features to help cool off on those long summer days.  Normally, the City of Danville charges a nominal admission, but the pool is currently closed for renovations and the Sprayground remains open and it is free to use during renovations. 

Independence Playground

The Independence Playground is located in the tree filled Lincoln Park (1000 Logan Avenue). This is a smaller playground than Playground for Everyone but features the same approach of universal accessibility. It has:

  • A ramped multi-deck 5-12 years of age play structure with slides, play panels and alternate play paths.
  • A dedicated single deck 3-5 years of age play structure for smaller children.
  • Independent climbers and play activities.
  • A six-foot-sidewalk for easy access and pour-in-place cushioned surfacing for easy accessibility for those with support devices.

The Independence Playground is served by Lincoln Park’s existing restroom facilities provided by the City of Danville.


Playground Maintenance

After each play area was completed ownership was given to the City of Danville. The City of Danville and the Danville Chapter of AMBUCS have worked together to help maintain these playgrounds.


Mr. Julius W. Hegeler II  made the Danville Chapter of AMBUCS part of his estate plan and  bequeathed $500,000 to help maintain these play structures.   It is generosity such as Mr. Hegeler’s, and all those who contributed gifts throughout the years that make these accessible play areas possible. On behalf of all the children and families who have enjoyed these playgrounds, THANK YOU!