Bar Stool Golf

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Every February, Skeff Distributing works with a number of the Danville bars and creates a 9 hole putt-putt golf contest, with an individual putting challenge at each bar.


On the day of the event, the golfers go from bar to bar and play the putt-putt hole created especially for the event. Team scores are tallied at the end of the day and awards are even provided! 


The players receive special awards for a hole-in-one, and the winning team (well, the one with the lowest score anyway) also receives a gift certificate!


Bar Stool Golf

Event Rules

The rules are pretty simple. Each bar signs up a number of four person teams and creates a put-put hole. Some holes are pretty extravagant. The bars are encouraged to have fun with the design and many of the patrons help.


Teams get to name themselves (which can be a bit tricky) and sometimes teams even go with a theme. Almost everyone can put-put, so come on out and join the fun!

Sponsors / Donations

The holes are donated by the bars and each team makes a donation to play. Skeff Distributing promotes the event and handles logistics. AMBUCS staff each hole on the day of the event, keeping score and having fun!


A very special thank you to Skeff Distributing for working hard to put this event together.