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Shoulders Together, that is an AMBUC theme, and it means we work together to accomplish our mission of helping to inspire mobility and independence.  Danville AMBUCS works to provide opportunities for people with disabilities, especially children, through a variety of activities such as:

·       Children’s Summer Camp

·       Children’s Christmas Party

·       Challenger League Baseball

·       AmTryke therapeutic tricycles



To become a member is easy.  Complete an application, submit it to Danville AMBUCS with a a $10.00 application fee.  Your membership will be review and voted on at the monthly Executive Board Meeting.  Dues are $90 per year (2022 Special $50). They will be invoiced annually, or your dues can be submitted at the time of the application and the application fee will be waived.



We ask that members participate in at least one AMBUCS community service project each year, and one of our fundraising events. 


We meet the FIRST  Wednesday of each month at  noon, at the banquet room for Sarges, 409 East Main Street.  Although attendance is not mandatory, we do encourage you to attend to keep abreast of the current events of the chapter.


Please print and fill out the application, then either turn it in to a member, bring it to a meeting or email it to

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