Lose the Training Wheels

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The purpose of the camp is to provide an 'immersion' experience in bicycling for children with special needs, using specially designed equipment and teaching methods. Most campers actually learn how to ride a two wheel bike during the one week camp!

The camp was inspired by Dr. Richard Klein, Ph.D., a retired engineer from the University of Illinois, Champaign, who had been studying, designing and teaching about bikes for many years. The equipment and methods allow children who have had difficulty learning to ride a two-wheeler to learn to do just that, usually within the one week camp session!

The equipment consists of a progression of increasingly challenging bikes that provide extra stability, along with the same dynamic qualities of a standard two-wheeler. The children thus have additional time to master the skills needed to balance and steer a two-wheeled bike.

They are less fearful, more confident, and more willing to practice. Self esteem soars!