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Playground For Everyone

This 10,000 square foot playground located inside Winter Park (900 E. Winter Ave.) was designed around nearly 100% accessability. The equipment is designed so that disabled children can play on the equipment - not just roll up and sit on it.

When thinking of a playground our thoughts often turn to the carefree play of children, but playgrounds are for adults too. Parents and grandparents actively involved with their children often accompany them to the playground. The AMBUCS Playground for Everyone will allow adults, regardless of their abilities, another opportunity to be involved with their children, breaking down one more barrier, and helping build strong family ties.

AMBUCS raised the funds, assisted with some construction and worked with Boundless Playground to develop the design. Once the playground was finished the City of Danville assumed responsibility for maintenance. AMBUCS will remain involved by providing volunteer services and financial support if required to assist the Danville Parks Department in the upkeep of the playground.