Halo Painting Blitz

Every summer we help with the HALO Painting Blitz a project of the Provena United Samaritans Medical Center Foundation. HALO and the city of Danville provide supplies and have a contractor prepare the homes for painting prior to paint day. We, along with many other clubs and individuals throughout Danville, provide the labor and clean-up.

Due to our other projects in the extraordinarily busy month of June, we have had to back off a bit in our committment to this particular project. We used to have our own team painting homes but now we are the clean-up crew. After the painting is done we get the glory job of cleaning the painting materials in preparation of storing them until next year.

However, the HALO Paint Blitz is an important part of our committment to Vermilion County: making life better for those with disabilities. It also beautifies our community and improves everyones quality of life!

Just since 1997, hundreds of volunteers have painted more than a hundred homes in the Danville area. It is our hope that over time the painting project will have a lasting impact on improving the neighborhoods in our community. We know the homeoners and their neighbors really appreciate it!

One homeowner was quoted saying, "Now I won't be ashamed to have my church group over to my home." A young volunteer also said, "Painting a home for someone who can't paint themselves makes me feel good about myself."