Summer Sounds

Visit the Summer Sounds website for current bands and dates.

Enjoying a night of music and fun!

Free outdoor concerts are held at Temple Plaza in downtown Danville throughout the summer. Food & beverages are usually set up by 5:30pm and the band begins at 6pm playing until 9pm.

The ideal fundraiser for us is one in which we give something to the community and raise money for our service projects. Few fundraisers match that goal better than the Summer Sounds Concert Series!

In close partnership with Downtown Danville, Inc. we have been hosting summer concerts for the community for around 10 years. The plan is simple, have 6 concerts in a downtown park on alternating Fridays throughout the summer. Sell sponsorships to keep the concerts free and sell refreshments to raise money.

Of course a plan is not an event! It took years of hard work before any real income was realized. However the good it has done for downtown Danville is measurable and beneficial! Now the Summer Sounds Concert Series is well known, and we need to block off the street to accomodate all the people. Sponsorship has stepped up - and so have the expenses as we bring in better and better bands.

Special thanks to our local Budweiserâ„¢ distributor Gaudio & Son, Inc. and Tony Baszis and all the hardworking volunteers over the years who got us to this magnificent height.

For more information, particularly during the summer, please visit the Summer Sounds web site.